Daily Om: Free from Agendas

A desire for validation could lead you to want to be recognized by your loved ones. You may find yourself feeling vulnerable and insecure, however, if your neediness causes others to shy away from you. Instead of seeking more recognition and support from others, consider developing your confidence by setting attainable goals and regularly affirming your worth. Crafting a well-developed personal identity and nurturing your confident nature could help you feel more secure in your own uniqueness. Acknowledgment will come naturally when you are at peace with yourself and feel secure in your worth as a person.
Finding validation within you rather than looking for approval from others leaves you free to enjoy the people you care about without the feelings of neediness interfering. When others feel that your desire for acknowledgement is more important to you than building a strong bond between you, they can be driven away. By building a strong sense of self-worth on your own, your relationships can be about creating intimacy rather than building your self-esteem. It is when we least need approval that we effortlessly receive it from people. Together, you can build a relationship that is free of overwhelming ego needs and fulfills you both. A strong sense of self may be all you need today to attract the positive attention of the people you care about.


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One response to “Daily Om: Free from Agendas

  • Marty

    Be aware and ask yourself is any of these desires and impermanent or permanent. If we are dealing with self worth then let us attach to something permanent.

    Approval can be flattering as much as disapproval can be crushing, so as John Wooden said, why get wrapped up in either.

    Desire for approval is part of the childhood PTSD assortment of weaknesses.

    When PTSD rules my world, my need for approval seemed enormous.

    A now being symptom free, approval does not have a major role in my daily life. I understand I am perfect and if I do not judge then it is easier not to care about others judgment, when it comes to me and my self worth anyway.

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