Turning 30 and a whole lot more

What an interesting year. I turned 30 and realized I am not where I thought I would be, and FREAKED.

For a better part of this year, I really didn’t know what was wrong with me, all I knew is I felt an unfathomable
amount of fear, doom, and anxiety. And it scared me, maybe I am going crazy?

Then I discovered just how negative my thoughts have become and how frequent.

I have found I love the works of Dr Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle just to name a few, and the secret.

But what I never did was put any of this into practice. I would read & hear about negative thinking and its effects, agree with what they said about creating a reality through our minds and expectations but almost didn’t believe my mind was that powerful. I mean, I am going through some deep sh*t right now! Aren’t I?

Well, what I am beginning to grasp, is what if it’s possible; just possible. What if it’s possible my mind & thoughts can contribute to my negative reality. That’s worth taking a look into, or perhaps even some effort to change, because where I am right now is not working.

I began to ask myself questions, internal questions. Like, what is it I want to do with my life? Where do I want to be? How much do I want to make? And most importantly, what is my life’s true purpose?

I have recently been using affirmations and incantations I have read about, like “The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind will reveal my true purpose in life”. Or “I am one with God and God is everything”.

I have found if I take just a moments focus off whatever fear I am feeling and if I repeat these; my state of being does improve.

What’s interesting that I am learning now is just how many negative thoughts and fears I have. I expect the worst, think the worst and wonder why I feel this way.

And now that I am catching them more often, it seems there are way more of them! Just being conscious to them is incredible…like they know I am telling them to get out, for good!

I also found out recently what I feel to be my life’s calling. Helping others use the power of their subconscious mind and get over anxiety for good.

Both negative emotions/thoughts (or as my brother calls them ‘negemos’ I love that!) and anxiety have played a role in a lot of destruction in my life. And I am finally able to gain some clarity and shut this stuff down. I was talking to a friend’s Saturday night, offering advice if you will; and it just hit me. I went on about what I have learned, and how it’s helped me for almost 3 hours! It was surreal, like it wasn’t even me speaking. I was excited! And enthusiastic! She was nearly in tears and thanked me for sharing with her.

I then realized right then and there, this is what I want to do.

Now, how do I go about it… I figured I will post here.

For me to stay connected and hopefully for anyone else who may benefit 🙂


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5 responses to “Turning 30 and a whole lot more

  • Martin

    Wow can I relate to this!!

    It is bizarre how we can go on years of thinking we get something like that, and not realize we aren’t actually doing it.

  • livingsublimewellness

    Oh my goodness! I too can relate. I am a nurse and for a long time was extremely unhappy with my job. I thought it was my job. I got counseling, watched The Secret, read books on positive psychology- but still felt badly. Then I realized I was not really believing what I was reading. I was not putting what I read into actual practice. I was not thinking positively. And once I started real work on all of this; I began to really feel better. I too use mantras and affirmations now. And find them really helpful!

    I also just celebrated my 30th birthday! So happy birthday to you and we have a lot in common!!

    • kaitlots

      Thanks for commenting! I have done the same thing. I discovered the secret years ago, I have always loved LOA, and knew it was the real deal, but did nothing about it. Knowing and doing are two different things I am learning…and yes, I wasnt putting it into practice either! I also love mantras, affirmations and incantations, I have them everywhere, on my phone, in the car, notebooks, you name it 🙂 It’s like a rigerious 24/hr a day process for me…which is expected, it’s like trying to ‘unlearn’ how to drive a car.

      Wow – and you just turned 30 too? we certainly do have a lot in common, I love your blog, I think I will head over and read some more!

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